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Saturday, November 1, 2014

"I'm not a feminist but..."

"I don't realize how much of a feminist I am until people say shit like that" -- Marisa

First of all: this post is simply an illustration of why I will not and should not have to apologize for believing women deserve equal treatment. If that makes me a feminist, great. If that makes me a logical human, even better.

When I made this blog I promised myself I wouldn't ever get on a soap box but get ready, I'm getting on my soap box.

We are medical students, we are smart, we are qualified, and we are women. We should not have to apologize for not liking someone, we should not have to apologize for wearing what we want, we should not have to apologize for wanting to be treated like the smart, educated, medical students that we are. The fact that we're women should not even be a factor.

The politics of sex and gender are exhausting. I don't understand why people of both sexes can't respect the other as an equal. If medical school has taught me anything it's that biologically, we are all basically the same. We all bleed when we're cut, the same pathways are triggered in boys and girls to stop the bleeding. We push these constructs on ourselves and force people into boxes when we should just let everyone be who they are.

That's it. Rant over!

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