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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Everything's Coming Up Moldy

Listening to - Then Came the Morning - The Below

This song makes me feel like I should be in a black and white movie drinking red wine and watching the love of my life walk out the door.

We have mold. Our cadaver has mold. Mold, mold, mold. No, no, no. We removed the affected tissue but mold is like the herpes of cadavers, once you got it, you got it. Fingers and toes crossed it doesn't spread to our legs or arms- we need those for the next block! Wow. If you had told me a year ago I would be genuinely stressed about mold affecting a cadaver and my ability to learn structures from it I would have told you "Ew. sure. Whatever." Shut up past me, this is a real thing! What a brat.

When I was little I thought toll booths were toe booths where they checked your toes to make sure you had all 10. I always fell asleep on the highway so I had no evidence of what they actually were and had to fill in the gaps.

I felt it was a good time to share that story. Segues are for the basic!

I'm pretty burnt out. I don't know if the state of my brain is obvious from this post featuring whatever crosses my mind but I am. I've got the "I did well on the last block so now I'm done studying and can get my MD" plague. I continue to study but it's like being the mother of a 13 year old. I work for 7 minutes, my brain tells me I should watch a funny video, I do, the mother side scolds and says get back to work. I work, I end up on facebook, I work, I end up shopping for apartments in Brooklyn, I work, I stare out the window. I'm all over the place. But the good news is I've narrowed down some neighborhoods should I ever move to Brooklyn...

Dealing with the burn out has proven difficult. I've tried everything from threatening post-its to changing my study spot but what I've found to be the most effective is googling pictures of med school graduations. I can't really understand the look of pure glee on their faces yet but it gives me concrete proof that there's light at the end of the really long, weirdly smelling tunnel. They say med school is hard but I never knew it would be this particular brand of hard. It's emotionally, mentally, physically, and sanity-lly (?) draining. It's a good thing I think medicine is really, really cool.

That got real.

I bought a car! Who's an adult now? Her own lease AND a car?! Someone should tell the 13 year old's mom, I don't think she can drive yet. Hey-o, references to my own jokes.

It's a little Kia Sportage and I purchased it with two friends. I know what you're thinking- you bought a car with your friends, that's weird. But it seems to be a thing here and it saves dollars so, I'm all for sharing a car. Now you can all come visit me and I can actually pick you up from the airport! (Hint, come visit me). ahem.

Anywhoozle... I'm going to go... let you look at some flights... plan your weekend getaway...

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