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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Insert sports metaphor about being in the home stretch here

That's right boys and girls; 12 anatomy exams, 3 MCB exams, 6 Histology exams, 1 embryo exam down and 4 anatomy, 1 MCB, NO HISTO, 3 embryo exams to go (and finals but shhhh).

Excuse me while I do a celebratory dance- Histology is overrrrr! Let's me honest, I'm laying in bed- I'm not getting up to dance. It just seemed like a fitting thing to say.

Random tidbit: We officially own our car - Paco, who is a girl.

I'm going to be real with you guys, I stopped writing to take a nap. And then I went to lab. It's been a few hours guys, my bad. I know I could just let you live in the illusion that I was here the whole time but I try to lead an honest life. ...

Good news! I've started online shopping for winter break because it will be here in 840 hours. Holla! Challa! I can't believe I've (almost) survived a semester of medical school- only a little less sane and a lot less socially capable. I know what you're thinking "Katie, you're a social butterfly who never gets distracted thinking about things like what you would name a turtle or Marc Jacobs and walks around with resting bitch face" but! I've become so nerdy. I went out to dinner with some friends after blocks and it felt so weird. I wasn't watching cadaver reviews, eating mac and cheese out of tupperware, in sweat pants. I was expected to socialize and exchange pleasantries with the waiter- strange. Full disclosure for my return- I pretty much can only navigate 4 conversation topics: 1) Things that I learned in anatomy that can randomly go terribly wrong in the human body 2) weird medical conditions- current interests: Epidermolysis and Fibrodysplasia 3) Specialties that would be really cool and/or awful 4) How much I love sleep. Conversational wizard right here. Rest assured, I'm sure with some practice I will once again love discussing things like music and current events. I might have to push some histology out of my brain but I won't miss it.

Anywayz- I'm leaving for Cincinnati tomorrow for Eric and Robyn's engagement party and a healthy dose of frost bite. I'm sorry, you've all been dealing with this for weeks but I'm going in fresh from 90 degree weather. I can't promise I won't turn around the second we land in Cincinnati but I'll try

Have I exhausted the things I can talk about on here? It's possible. I can't think of anything else to say! So! If you have any requests please please please comment them or message me on the facebook or this is going to start getting weird. Like, haven't washed my scrubs in three weeks weird. Sue me, I hate laundry and brought a TON of clothes...just not scrubs. Haters gonna hate, shake it off ~~

Oh! I thought of something! Embryo! It's terrifying! I'm not going to go into it because I've learned (after interacting with non-medical students) that not everyone likes to talk about weird ways you can die. Oh what the hell, if you're squeamish skip this paragraph. Ahem, embryo. It's horrible. Couple that with doing the pelvis in anatomy (and having an awkward old man discuss the female anatomy with 50 foot pictures of it three fold) Side note to my side note- do I use brackets for that? Whatever, He was frequently too uncomfortable to discuss the lower half of the female anatomy so would just flash a diagram and keep moving but then almost exclusively tested on it. Clearly, he finds it more interesting than he alluded to in class. All and all it makes for a great morning. As a medical student I've lost a lot of the squirms most people get when they say things like "penis" or "vagina" (taking a scalpel to them will do that to you) but I will never get over hearing all of the horrible things that can happen to you in the realm of child birth. Did you know your uterus can just up and fall out? Yeah, you're welcome. If you're currently pregnant or looking into it don't worry, it's SUPER rare and only happens after a lot of children, like Mrs. Duggar might want to cross her legs a little tighter... or a lot of weird exercise. Wow, I've really lost all filters. Sorry guys. I was going to go into way more detail about dissecting and diseases and weird things that happen but I can feel you all making the "Oh boy" face so I'll stop.

Alrighty- I should probably study or something productive. (I was serious about those suggestions!)

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