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Monday, September 22, 2014

Blocks are over. I have no brain power to make a creative title.

Listening to: The Office because I get to watch TV now.

I had these grand ol' plans to write a great blog but I'm sleepy and my brain is broken. It is empty.

I keep starting to do something like a sentence but... no avail. I finished my exam first in my class. I take exams really fast like... REALLY fast. I'm of the mentality that either I know it or I don't and if I spend too long deliberating I will pick the wrong answer. I'm notorious for changing answers from right to wrong so- first choice gets the gold.

I HAVE AN IPHONE AGAIN! I know you don't care about that and you want to hear about all the ins and outs of med school exams but those are over and in this minute I have a phone. It's the little things in life.

The paragraph you've all been waiting for- BLOCKS! You skipped down here, didn't you? You can tell me, I won't judge you, this is a safe space.

My morning began with my anatomy lab practical which I thought went really well but... hopefully my thoughts are correct. Afterwards- studying and studying and then I realized if I studied anymore I would explode. So, to keep all body matter off of my brand new iPhone, I took a break. I considered just putting my phone into a ziplock bag but that seemed tedious.

The computer based exams are some serious stuff. They randomly sort us into computer banks and we are given 3ish hours to take six exams. I took a little over an hour BUT three of those exams were only 10 questions. So... I didn't just fly through. Anatomy was pretty straight forward, not super hard but definitely not easy.. it was mostly clinical vignettes, no "What muscle is innervated by the thorocadorsal nerve?" Rude. I honestly expect my future patients to walk in with a problem and say "Hello, I was stabbed in my trapezius so you should probably just address which nerves, arteries, and veins it's attached to". Weird they didn't present the questions like that, right? I did all three anatomy exams, making for a whopping 4 anatomy exams within 5 hours no big deal. They included: lab practical, computer practical, quiz? I still don't know why that wasn't just part of the exam, and the written exam. They were all easy except the written exam- that one was a tricky little guy. See the afore mentioned question for sarcastic proof. I did MCB next which I thought went the best. I only didn't know 1-2 questions and some had some tricky wording but I see through your semantics, Dr. Professor. I see what you're doing! I see you putting endonuclease with exonuclease. I see you. I gotchu. Have you picked up what I've put down? I'm wise and see through their sneaky guises, that's what I laid down for y'all (I live in the south now). This is what happens when I take an exam- I loose  all mental capacities. Histology was histology. I hated it, it hated me, nothing more to be said. Our relationship is really tough.

I have big plans for sushi tonight. Have I ever mentioned my love for sushi? I can't be sure.

These past few days have been spent studying and eating Papa Dan's pizza which is magic in a box. Magic, you hear me? Magic.

Now I'm going to sleep until sushi or class tomorrow.

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