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Friday, August 29, 2014

Pale Midwesterner moves to the tropics

It's exactly how it sounds and we're still in Miami. When trying to think of the words to describe the weather here all that comes to mind is walking off of the plane was like walking from a refrigerator into someone's warm, moist breath. I know, gnarles description, but now I totally know what food feels like. (One day the same person who made that not-even-funny joke is going to be a doctor). 

I also somehow got a sunburn simply from walking between taxis and airports. The life of a pale girl. 

I'm up at 4 a.m because we had some reading that I put off in favor of embryology but I finally finished Short White Coat. It was really good, it looks at your third year of medical school and basically reads like a Stephen King book for incoming students. If my experience is anything like his, surgery is not going to go well for the following reasons: 

1) I have a small bladder, surgeries are long, and the med student does not get a break. 

That's it. And I don't know that I'm capable of being intelligent at 5 a.m. We'll find out! 

My other takeaways are that pediatrics doesn't sound nearly as humdrum as I thought but the type that interests me, hospital pedes, could be very difficult in a whole other way. I also think I would enjoy psychiatry but the whole process seems very daunting- the author needed a body guard several times and rarely saw any maintained improval in his patients. All of my experiences will be different but, should I have to choose from Jamie Feinstein's MD experience I would definitely say pediatrics. Or internal. Or emergency. Obgyn sounded cool too. And those are just the basics. How I'll choose, I don't know. 

Some pictures of our journey so far: 
We're off! 

The Lamont matriarch and patriarch are visibly excited. 

Both untouched. 

One last glimpse of Chicago 😭

I only brought the essentials. (4 of those aren't mine but I still have 5 exactly 70lb suitcases)

A general summation of the day. 


  1. In 4 years your entry will be "Pale Midwesterner leaves the tropics"! :-) Best of Luck ...

  2. Haha, exactly! Hopefully it will be "Tan Midwesterner leaves the tropics"!