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Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm a wealth of medical advice

People have already started asking me for medical advice. I've considered making up a slew of words and telling them that they need to see a specialist but I could see that coming back to bite me in the butt so I came up with the only thing that I do ACTUALLY know about fixing the human body and that is, my advice is really top shelf so brace yourself: drink more water. Broken foot? Drink more water. Weird phlegm? Drink more water and stop asking someone who hasn't even started med school for medical advice. The best experience with this was a waiter who said the following verbatim after someone mentioned I was leaving for medical school soon. "here's your salad, can you take a look at my rash? I just want to know if it's infected". That's what I get for telling anyone and everyone I'm leaving for medical school in two days. Casual. (Completely, 100% not casual but I'm trying to be cool, okay?)

I pretend it weirds me out but let's be real: I love that people think I'm smart enough to know why there's some weird thing growing on their arm. 

In other news I weighed one of my suitcases after it took two people and some fancy foot work to get it into my car. Guess how much, just guess. 103 lbs. Apparently I'm smuggling a body to the Caribbean- BYOC. WHOA that was a terrible joke. (I laughed). 

I moved out of my apartment today. I have no comments other than I regret waiting to start loading the car until 1 a.m. But I do not regret going to The Girl and the Goat instead of packing. Although when we did finally get started Adelina and I provided some high quality entertainment for the night doorman- the luggage cart fell over no less than 4 times- once into the car and twice into one of us. But we persevered and finished at 5 and were on the road at 7 and I was back in bed at 11. Really a sign of a good day in the life of Katie- back in bed before noon, I mean. Although I am more than a little heartbroken that I had to leave my bed, aka my one true love, behind. 

But I got to see some of my favorite people: Nemo (person adjacent), my parents, Kreila, and little baby Gavin who isn't so little anymore. Pluses all around.

I'm pretty bummed to say goodbye to these two weirdos. 

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