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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Infections, monotony, and flat tires. And a very descriptive title.

Listening to: Strangers by Langhorne Slim (I highly recommend - so cheerful)

Med school is weird. I spent my evening scaring the crap out of my roommate with my friend Marisa's birthday present. (L-O-L Marisa, I'm still not telling you what it is). My two favorite things in this world are: scaring my loved ones (once, my cousin Amelia and I used a whole toy palette of makeup to look like zombies and then woke my brother up by screaming in his face and flashing a flash light. It was really funny until we remembered he could run faster than us.) My second favorite thing is birthdays but that's not really relevant to anyone but Marisa right now. Nor is the scaring thing to anyone but Meghan. ANYWAY! What is relevant is that med school is weird. Med school is weird because in your day to day life nothing changes but when it's been a few months and suddenly you can diagnose all kinds of crazy infections you realize "WHOA so things are actually happening when I stare at my laptop". It's pretty rad. Every day is surprisingly similar, though. My day looks pretty much like this:

6:00a.m alarm goes off and since I was that idiot who bought the alarm that makes you get out of bed and play a logic game (not super effective at 6 a.m) I usually get up. Or I shove it under my mattress. Or I get up, do the whole 3 step process including a list of the reasons I got up read to me in a creepy voice (My list reads: because you want to be a doctor, because you don't want bed sores, because now you can have coffee) and then get back into bed. Screw bed sores.
7:00a.m study at school if I got up (about once a week) or still unconscious
8:00-1:00 class/more coffee
1:00 gym/slightly earlier nap
2:00 nap or study (let's be real, nap then study)
3:00-2:00 a.m sit and study

You can see the monotony and how that might lend itself to scaring your roommate half to death for entertainment.

Somehow though, I still manage to feel like I don't have enough time for everything.

So you can see how it can be surprising when your brain starts to change. From day to day it remains pretty constant but then all of a sudden you know all about urogenital infections and pneumonias and are perfectly willing to disturb your friends and family with pictures. This semester I'm taking a class called "Medical microbiology" and it is maybe the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. First of all, our professor is basically like a rainbow personified - she's bright, cheerful, happy, nice, and somehow manages to make talking about diarrhea fun. Let's be honest, most med students think that's fun anyways... or at least I do.  I think all of micro is fun, though. It's the first class where I actually get excited to study the material and the first thing I can actually see myself going in to. Most specialties elicit a "it wouldn't be the worst" response from me but based on my willingness to discuss infections, fluid, puss, swelling, vomit, diarrhea for hours I think med micro might be my new niche.

In other news, Paco got a flat tire. For those of you who don't remember; Paco is our car and he is hanging onto life by a thread. But a well inflated thread at least. Let me just tell you how fun dealing with car problems on this island is - every single person runs on island time and every single person feels the need to make sure the three car owners are as uncomfortable as possible. It started out fine- we went to buy a new tire, totally fine until the mechanic at the dealer took it upon himself to gain our life stories. Meghan made the mistake of not talking (because Marisa and I stood in front and were perfectly capable of answering his shockingly personal questions) and then I made the mistake of joking that she was mute. We all know I can't not make a joke like that. It grew even more uncomfortable because he apparently takes everything at face value but he did then lift and deal with the filthy tire for us because "girls shouldn't have to do that". I know, eye roll at the patriarchy (you're welcome Kreila) but it was convenient considering we all were wearing nice clothes. After calling our personal drive up at his own convenience mechanic to change the tire for us (I know... we could do that ourselves but... hiring someone to do it seemed easier) but he did not show up and might have been abducted (keep an eye out) so we made (asked nicely) our friends do it and paid in cupcakes.

Calling your mechanic and having him not show up is not surprising on this island. It's not rare for someone to stop working and go chat with their friends while you wait "patiently" for them to finish discussing their kids' soccer game. (True life, I just tried to spell soccer as 'socker').

Look at that! Four whole paragraphs! I didn't have a plan when I opened this post. Not that I ever have a plan. My usual writing style is to just type out whatever crosses my mind and then go back and delete the parts that don't make any sense. Unfortunately, this whole post is kind of a giant hodge podge so.... deleting would leave very little. Plus my laptop was at 11% battery when I started this post and I wanted to see if I could make it.. I'm at 4% now, nailed it.

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