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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Proof that I'm capable of simultaneously being very honest and very whiney

I'm not dead! I'm just a second semester medical student. My fellow second semesters, second semester survivors, anyone who has been in ear shot of me while I complain knows what I mean. You know. I feel like I start a lot of posts with "I'm not dead!",  always exciting to have made it to another post.

Small aside- I read an article where they judged whether a person was clinically narcissistic or not based on how many times they used the word "I, me, my, mine, etc.". This doesn't apply to me because I have a blog for God's sake, CLEARLY I'm a little narcissistic.

So second semester is ...great... I'm lying. I have some theories on why first semester was so much more fun and because you chose to click on this link I'm going to tell you about them!

1) The magic and sparkles of medical school are gone. GONE. They aren't just gone they're all the way back home drinking some tea and cherishing the last few John Stewart Daily Shows. First semester I still had that feeling of wonder and awe that "Holy crap! I'm actually in medical school! Look at those dead bodies! We get to dissect them! I'm basically a surgeon! I'm even wearing scrubs and a white coat!" Exclamation points abounded. This semester, if compared to a grammatical device would be a firm ellipsis. Maybe a question mark combined with an ellipsis. As in What is happening in my life?... Why did I inflict this on myself?... When did all my friends become adults?... I could have been a REALLY good trophy wife?... But, on the bright side I now feel I can relate to struggle-rap on a new level (I'm kidding). Anyway! The magic is gone, I'm used to being in medical school, I do not feel anything like a doctor (probably because I'm no where near one), and there's a lot of work. But, I do really like some of my professors this semester. Our physio professor starts every class with a funny video. I need those videos. They are the highlight of my day.

2) The material is dustier and dryer than an overcooked steak you found in your basement after 25 years. Maybe I'll drop out and write metaphors. Was that a metaphor or a simile? Damn it 8th grade english! Why have you left me? I'm going to go with simile. A small break down of our course load this semester:

-Biostats, yes it's as awful as it sounds. It's statistics, don't let the bio part fool you.
-Biochemistry, I don't need to comment. Everyone knows biochem is just a bunch of pathways that you really need to have a good grasp of but cannot for the life of you make yourself care about.
-Physiology, not all terrible
-Immunology, all terrible

Ok, Immuno isn't THAT bad. I just find it about as interesting as watching birds migrate. Some people like it.... I do not.

It's all about paying dues this semester, I've honestly had to google "do people survive med school, is it really that terrible, is it just me?" and pictures of graduations. Good news, like 60% survival rate, it is really that terrible, and it is not just me. And! The people who make it to graduation are REALLY happy. Maybe the happiest people I've ever seen, I'm including new parents and people who just ate really good pizza in that. So, I'll get there! Plus, in 49 days this semester will be over and I'll be back to classes that make me say things like "REALLY REALLY COOL" and stuff!

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