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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"You're like a doctor now, right?"

Listening to: Mixed emotions (the whoooole album but particularly Yes Way and All of Me) by The Tan Lines. It's hipster nonsense but it's catchier than the common cold. (I was going to say Ebola but.. too soon.)

I've had a day of medical education. In other words, I'm basically a doctor. (ha.) So far the biggest take away from medical school is that I know literally nothing. For example, in 50 minutes of anatomy (not even anatomy and physio) we covered the entire vertebrae system and no not just "these are the cervical vertebrae" but literally the WHOLE system. Holy crap does it move! I know this is an accelerated program but WHOA, it's only the first day and I've used a whole pack of note cards just for one lecture. (SOS send more notecards)

Despite the pace I am LOVING it. All caps were necessary. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to finally care about what I'm studying. In undergrad we learned what everything generally was but now we're learning what literally everything is and how to apply that to pathologies, other disciplines, and other systems.

The first day of classes was comprised of: Intro to clinical medicine where we learned about the importance of empathy (and then were told by our MCB proffesor that we have none), Anatomy which includes highlights like a professor with an accent that is out of this world; it took me half of the lecture to figure out that when he said "trainva pro" he meant "transverse processes", Histology. I'm sorry, histology and I will never get along, it's so dull. MCB )molecular and biochem) included the absolute BIGGEST shock of my day.. nay, my life, when my very own uncle showed up on the slides, and anatomy lab where we had the ceremony of the cadavers. I'm not allowed to write anything about them but it was really incredible to realize that these people have given their bodies so that others might learn.

Back to Arno showing up in MCB: I hit the floor. And by that I mean I poked Marisa and texted my mom. You can't expect me to actually freak out in a lecture of 214 kids- I don't want to be THAT girl. Afterwards I mustered up some courage to go talk to our very Scottish and very intimidating professor (I turned around twice because I was terrified he would scalpel me, the med school equivalent to shank. Irrational, maybe, but I still stood a few extra steps back. You know, preemptively.). He basically seemed to be way less excited than me (which is saying something given my permanent apathy face) but did firmly write down my name. So... either he's going to expect me to be significantly smarter than I am or I've got detention. Do you get detention in med school? TBD.

Say "hey" to half of the father of medical genetics. 

In other exciting news: the white coat ceremony is Friday! If you feel so inclined to spend your Friday night watching 214 kids put on a jacket here's the link to the live stream beginning at 5:20 EST:

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  1. If you can keep this up for the entire four years, you'll have all the material you'll need for a book!